A free, fast legal support service

Our service is targeted at the rapid relief of domestic violence and abuse. The majority of cases referred to us will result in speedy action in the civil courts, but, we are also able to advise on those services providing alternative refuge accommodation and on legal protection for children caught up in abusive or failing relationships.

The service works as follows:

  • There are two central numbers both of which are monitored 24-hours a day.
  • Full details are obtained with a high priority being given to respect for the wishes of the survivor.
  • Centre staff then advice as to the range of remedies available (most of which will be part of one or more of the Family Law Act 1996). Again, we view reassurance as an important aspect of our approach. Many survivors will not have experience of the civil courts and many fear them. The availability of without-notice orders is explained and can alleviate understandable concerns of reprisals by the perpetrator.
  • Once a client has indicated their preference for a particular remedy, the necessary witness statement is prepared and eligibility for legal aid assessed.
  • Clients qualifying for public funding are thereafter referred to a solicitor on the Centre’s Panel of solicitors. Our relationship with Panel solicitors is such that clients will rarely need to make an additional journey to the solicitor, with most meeting theirs for the first time at court on the day of the hearing.


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